Prototypes - Stainless Steel Bracket Prototypes - Bracket for Wireless Antenna Prototypes - Stainless Steel BracketMaking prototypes in Hollister, CA can now be done for virtually any steel part you can think of and before manufacturing in large quantities.  These pictures show a stainless steel bracket for housing a wireless wifi antenna.  We were able to draw up the customers idea, laser cut the parts, form the housing, then TIG weld for a perfect fit.  All this can be done quickly and efficiently to keep your plans on time!  Our customer also wanted two other brackets made out of cold rolled steel.  One will be bare metal, the other we’ll powder coat on site, then all three will be tested for best reception and installation.  Making prototypes before manufacturing large quantities can save thousands of dollars in time and material!  You can’t afford to manufacture something to find out that the hole for the cable really need to be moved to the left 1/8″ inch.  Any changes you find can be implemented and made within minutes. From the time our customer walked in the front door, these prototypes were manufactured, tested and ready for a production run of 100 units within one week.