Laser Cutting Service

Industrial laser cutters can be used on structural or piping materials, and it can also be used on flat sheet metal. Laser beams create the most ideal process for cutting metal.

The technology allows for burr-free cuts. It can speed up production. It can minimize human error because operator intervention is kept to a minimum. And its accuracy limits wastage, which means cost-efficiency for your manufacturing business.

laser-cuttingOf course, with the advantages come some drawbacks to this technology. For starters, it requires more energy to run than mechanical cutters. The process also requires cooling, which means you need to use a coolant — usually water circulated through a chiller or heat transfer system.

So instead of doing your own laser cuts, it might be a sound idea to get a laser cutting service instead. You not only ensure that the job is done appropriately, but you will also save yourself the expense of a laser cutter and the mistake of buying the wrong type of cutting system for your requirements

Expertise and a commitment to quality

LCSHere at Phantom Services, custom designed and fabricated components are our specialization. That’s why we make it a point to always look out for innovative technology to give clients the best solution that saves time and money for them. For our laser cutting services, we have invested in a laser cutter with two 72″ x 144″ tables. This allows us to make parts of various sizes and dimensions in making volume orders for identical metal parts.

Who can benefit from a laser cutting service? A huge number of our clients are businesses that need custom metal signs for their storefronts. But anyone needing custom metal fabrications, from homeowners who love to do DIY improvement projects to welding companies seeking parts consistency, can benefit from the work of highly skilled laser cutters.

Laser cutting and metal fabrication service: What to look for

Work only with metal fabrication companies that have a solid reputation and ones that have been in the business for a long time. Reputation and longevity in the industry mean that your company will be doing business with a professional service.

You can expect prompt replies when you make inquiries. You can also expect attention to your needs as a potential customer. And you can guarantee that your project, no matter how big or small, will be managed well.

Cincinnati CL-7AOnce you have confirmed that the service provider is a solid business, you can look into its services. As a metal fabricator, what can the service handle? Can it also do design and not just cutting? What type of materials can the service provider handle?

You need to know that whatever materials you need cut or whatever additional fabrication service you might require, the service provider should be able to work on it. You do not want to go to another metal fabricator for another project should your current service provider lack the cutting system, like a Cincinnati CL-7A, for larger sheets of metal.

Finally, try to look for the metal fabricator’s previous projects. If you have a project in mind, call us or stop by and we’ll be happy to show you our most recent works so you can look through those, and then make your decision.