Fabrication Services

Fabrication Services


Phantom Fabrication Services provide custom design and fabrication solutions for conveyors world-wide.We know that every customer has specific needs that must be fulfilled without exception. Your product inquiries are handled by our qualified sales team who know how to ask the right question and deliver the right answers and quotes for our conveyor fabrication services.

Our state of the art equipment and engineering and design software will provide you with the right fabrication services solution and price advantage.

But the right equipment and latest software don’t mean anything if you don’t deliver what you promise to the customer.  On time and on budget has been the key to our success and our fabrication services customers prove it!

Phantom Fabrication Services manufactures and supports custom fabricated conveyors. In addition to offering standard sizes for most applications, the ability to offer fabrication services to design specs is often necessary in today’s distribution systems.

To deliver the most value to our customers, Phantom Fabrication Services completes all product manufacturing and final assembly within our own facilities.  All component parts go through in-house inspection during assembly. A complete line of replacement parts and complete conveyor assemblies are available through our parts and service department.

At Phantom Fabrication Services, our objective is to be the leader in conveyor manufacturing by providing superior service, innovation, and value and we have specialized in the design and manufacture of various types of conveyors.

This objective drives our strategy to develop the best solution-driven processes for conveyor engineering and fabrication services. Phantom has implemented improvements in our processes and our efforts have produced results in the following areas: cost reduction, improved quality, added flexibility and increased product innovation.

Our highly skilled and experienced fabrication services shop workforce ensures a conveyor source known for innovative solutions and competitive pricing. Our unique location and complete conveyor systems mean exceptional product value for you.

The conveyor fabrication services industry has entered an era of accelerated growth. Phantom is staffed and equipped to meet this challenge. We are committed to operate on the leading edge of technology and manpower training. We are also utilizing continuous improvement techniques to ensure that our practices are effective, efficient and economical.  Phantom sustains fabrication services production levels that few competitors can duplicate, while maintaining award winning safety and world class quality.

Phantom fabrication services are available to design your custom project and fabricate it to your demanding specifications.