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Powder Coating Services

Powder Coating Services

With a wide range of specialized coatings, Phantom powder coating services are ready for all components including paint and rust removal as well as pretreatments for better paint adhesion and corrosion resistance.

Powder coating services are the preferred choice over liquid painting systems as they are solid material that does not contain solvents, so they comply with volatile organic compound (VOC) standards making them the “green” alternative.

Many customers choose powder coating services because of the superior finish it produces.  With a more durable surface and a brighter color that lasts a long time, powder coating services are the most economical and longest-lasting with a high resistance to chipping, fading and scratching.

Superior corrosion resistance is another reason to select powder coating services as it acts a barrier to moisture, chemicals, ultra-violet light and extreme weather conditions. This decreases the risk of fading, scratches, chipping, abrasions and other wear issues.

Powder coating services offer simplified environmental compliance, especially where EPA standards are required.  Not only is the powder environmentally friendly, but powder that is over-sprayed and not applied to a surface can be reclaimed and reused, which augments increasing material efficiency to as much as 95 to 98 percent and eliminates waste that is often found in paint finishing processes.






Powder Coating Services support many industries:

  • Building and Construction – window frames, ladders, doors, railings, scaffolding, gutters, etc.
  • Electronics – housings, conduit, switches
  • Architectural – fencing balconies, stairs light fixtures
  • Sporting equipment – fishing lures, hunting bows
  • Outdoor Living – patio furniture, mailboxes, light fixtures, snow blowers
  • Manufacturing – Machinery, pipes, fixtures, housings
  • Marine–trailers, anchors, docks, motors, rails
  • Retail – shelves, racks, point of purchase displays, carts
  • Motor vehicles – engine parts, manifolds, wheels, exhaust systems, frames, roll bars, antennas
  • Municipalities and Utilities – meters, signs, benches, bike racks, garbage containers, return boxes, water fountains, bleachers, playground equipment

Our powder coating services facility can provide capacity for high volume jobs where all pieces receive precise surface preparation to accept specified coatings.  Through multistage cleaning, washing, dipping and sandblasting you receive consistent high quality finishes every time.pcBooth

We are very proud that our excellence in powder coating services has led to complete customer satisfaction. It’s tough. It looks great. And it lasts a long, long time.